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For businesses with small number of user-generated content posts for rights acquisition
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Rights Management
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For businesses with huge number of user-generated content posts for rights acquisition
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Your campaigns are seen by Coveters in your targeted country, city or interest segment

Segment our influencers by location and interest. Your campaign is seen only be influencers matching your criteria.

Coveters share your branded content throughout their social media channels

Our network of micro influencers will spread your message to their followers and friends.

Include visual, caption and hashtags of your choice

With our self service platform you can upload and A/B test your messaging, imagery and hashtags anytime to optimize on your best results.

Link to your own social media channels to gain new followers

Include your social media profile in your post’s caption to grow your own follower base on your channels

You are charged purely if your post gets shared, all sales, clicks and reshares generated are included in your post price

Make sure to provide attracting and sharable content, your posts could go viral or become trending hashtag on twitter. You only pay for the initial CovetMe post.

The pay per post price is a varying number according to Coveters value

Every Coveter gets an internal quality score not only based on his followers, also based on his engagement with his crowd and quality of content he has provided so far.

Lifetime links to your website that never expire

We create user profile pages and landing pages linking back to your online shop with links and similar offers that never expire.

Real time campaign management, budget control & reporting

With your self service account you control your daily spend, posted content and success of your campaigns.

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